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Want to reach your customers, your clients, your donors? Stop talking at them, and tell them an emotional story. Research has shown that two thirds of purchases are made based on emotion rather than logical research of product features. People make decisions on products through their emotional connection to a brand. Don’t believe me? Just ask Apple.

However, many times clients tell us that they don’t have an emotional story. To that I say “You just haven’t looked well enough.” Case in point, I give you Sullivan Solar Power. Sullivan could have gone the route of having a spokesperson tell viewers about how solar power can save money, help save the environment, even have an impact on future wars. I know they believe all those things are possible. But instead they got out of the way and let someone with first hand experience tell that story. Add to that an honest desire to help out, and you have a story that inspires that emotional connection with their brand.

So we encourage you to find your emotional story. Then get out of the way and let it be told.