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Want people to listen? Tell a compelling story.

The days of placing your CEO in front of a camera and delivering your corporate message are gone. Oh you can still do it, but no one will listen. Today’s internet connected generation has grown up with that way of marketing and will instantly spot it as just that,...

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Cutting the cutting

As an editor I tend to watch film and television a bit different than most. The editor brain in me starts to watch the edit instead of the film, yes it drives my wife nuts!! But recently this film watching flaw of mine noticed something. As editors we might want to...

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M2 Digital Post Inc. Awarded 3 Emmy’s

Palm Springs, CA. (June 20th, 2015) – M2 Digital Post Inc. accepted three Emmy awards from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Pacific Southwest Chapter. The awards were given out at the 41st annual Emmy awards show in Palm Springs, California. The...

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Michael Towe Interviewed by Markee Magazine

Michael Towe, president of M2 Digital Post inc. was recently interviewed by Markee Magazine for an article in the use of cloud computing in todays post production market. They discussed not only the use of the cloud for data storage, but also for things like review...

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Michael Towe Interviewed by New Blue FX

Michael Towe, President of M2 Digital Post Inc. was recently interviewed by New Blue FX for their On Location Blog. New Blue FX was interested in his long time relationship with the Amalgamated Grommets filmmaking group in San Diego. They also discussed how teamwork...

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