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FX Factory Plugin Now for Premier Pro

One of the things that I have not only experienced, but heard other editors say, is that they wish Premier Pro had more transitions. Well that issue has now been addressed by the folks at Noise Industries... Well sort of... For those not in the know Noise Industry...

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San Diego Filmmaking in 48 Hours: Part Two

And so it begins... With story concept well underway I left the brainstorm session to get some sleep. Being through this process before I knew that Friday night would be my last chance at a full nights sleep until this iron man version of filmmaking was over. I fell...

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San Diego Filmmaking in 48 Hours: Part One

Over the last couple years I have had the pleasure of working with a group of San Diego filmmakers that are known as The Amalgamated Grommets. We have produced a few short films for various festivals and I have been amazed at the quality of work that comes out of this...

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Need a Wet, Drippy Lens?

In every editors life there comes a time where you need a wet, drippy lens. Our time came when editing together a promo spot for San Diego's NBC affiliate NBC7 San Diego.               In the final shot of this promo we have a snow...

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